Weddings photography

Weddings photographerAfter analyzing several opinions from my clients ("(...) you should display it!"; "(...) Fortunately we made the contact, but at first we were unsure if you did photojournalistic weddings."), about the public announcement of the weddings photojournalistic photography services, I decided to include and become public this service that, till today, has been maintained reserved.

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Visão|BES 2008 News cat. award

Photojournalism award

Mario Proenca has been awarded on the most important Portuguese press photo annual contest, Visão|BES 2008, in wich participated 227 photographers with a toll of 6848 photos.

The picture of a young woman running from the flames that hit her house during a huge wildfire in Sintra (full coverage here), was awarded with an honorable mention in the News category by an international jury panel composed by Jean-François Leroy (Visa Pour L'Image Festival Director), Yuri Kozyrev (Noor agency photographer), Philip Blenkinsop (Noor agency photographer), Nöel Quidu (Gamma photographer) and Susan Smith (National Geographic Magazine).


Joining Bloomberg News

Bloomberg News

September 2008 starts with one more new contract, this time with Bloomberg News, as a photojournalist/photographer stringer, reporting from Portugal.

Bloomberg News is a real-time news service that provides definitive coverage of companies, markets, industries, economies and governments. Its mission is to make events transparent to the readers around the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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