Weddings photographerAfter analyzing several opinions from my clients ("(...) you should display it!"; "(...) Fortunately we made the contact, but at first we were unsure if you did photojournalistic weddings."), about the public announcement of the weddings photojournalistic photography services, I decided to include and become public this service that, till today, has been maintained reserved.

These services have been made, since a few years ago, barely for special requests that have arrived to me from international clients, and always based on the photojournalistic approach.

The website menus, services description, online shop and contacts area, have now been updated, to include the "Weddings photography" services and packages, where clients may now get a sense about this service and even choose from standard "weddings packages" or even check for available dates and pre-contract arrangements.

It was the growing success of these services, clients' satisfaction and feedback that made me rethink to publish it and announce these as regular services. The main point to underline is that, these services are exclusively for photojournalistic weddings and not for the traditional weddings photography.

You may check here the wedding photojournalistic services outline and the available packages here.


A conch moves on the beach at the Ilheu das Rolas, Sao Tome and Principe, Tuesday, June 6, 2006. On these beaches there can be found thousands of different types of small shells, little crabs and beautiful rocks sculpted by the sea.
Sao Tome and Principe
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