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September 2008 starts with one more new contract, this time with Bloomberg News, as a photojournalist/photographer stringer, reporting from Portugal.

Bloomberg News is a real-time news service that provides definitive coverage of companies, markets, industries, economies and governments. Its mission is to make events transparent to the readers around the world, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Bloomberg News was started in 1990 with a six-person editorial team. Bloomberg went head-to-head with well-established news services, some more than a century old. Since then Bloomberg have grown into one of the world's largest media companies by delivering fast, accurate, well-written news designed to help people make informed investment decisions. That's just the beginning. Bloomberg News removes the jargon, drops the insiders' terminology, and translates complex subjects into easy-to-understand stories. Bloomberg reports on derivatives, legislation, financial statements and bonds so these topics are understood by anyone who can read a newspaper or watch television ¬ó not just investment professionals. Bloomberg's goal is clear, concise writing for the widest audience.

With more than 2,300 reporters and editors in 135 bureaus, Bloomberg News publishes more than 5,000 stories on an average day syndicating to over 400 newspapers worldwide, with a combined circulation of 73 million people. Bloomberg broadcasts through 11 television networks in seven languages. The BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL service maintains an archive of more than 15 million stories and multimedia reports. Bloomberg photo library comprises 190,000 images.

A carriage driver stands next to a horse at the Sintra village in Sintra, Portugal.
Sintra seduction
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