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“Aromas, flavours and textures that kick the senses”

Professional high quality food photography services that Create Value!

When a Chef puts all his efforts, knowledge and creativity to deliver the finest and heavenly delicious dishes to the client, when he selects the finest and most exquisite ingredients to cook his gourmet, he expects no more than perfection in the imagery that will be printed on the menu or displayed elsewhere.

The top 5 reasons to choose my food photography services may seem obvious but there's much more beyond a simple food photo shoot than just a simple explanation or a portfolio review:

#1 - Expect and the demand only the best
Exceed expectations above all, by capturing the texture, the flavors and aromas on a still image, as if it is there - right in front of your client's eyes. Your clients demand the best, as you do - I deliver it.

#2 - Lunch at noon, dinner at eight
Food may be served at different hours of the day - I look for that, along with the Chef, to deliver the right ambience with the right dish on each produced photo.

#3 - Lights On In the kitchen
While the Chef is cooking, the lights, the set and the studio is just a few steps from his kitchen door - time is very important in food photography and that's why I work on location, side-by-side with the creative Chefs. No matter you're in Portugal or in the Fidji Islands - evrything is packed and on the way to work with you side-by-side to deliver the best quality you expect and deserve.

#4 - Relationship beyond the kitchen door
By experience, clients return over and over for new shoots, every time they have new dishes and menu renewals. The Chef suddenly creates a new recipe for a new wine on the house - it's just a matter of calling and start shooting even without discussing the budgets.

#5 - Tricks that perfect perfection
Post-production of food photography is an important step in the overall process. Little details that can be enhanced may give that kick to the final result of what will be shown. So the work doesn't end at the Chef's kitchen door. It'll continue at the digital darkroom with the client's followup.

If all the above makes sense and goes with your wedding photography needs, you may call me on (+351) 910 512 949 or ask for a budget estimate online here.

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Some samples of the produced work can also be seen Imagebank.
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