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“The sky is the limit”

Professional high quality aerial photography services that Create Value!

So many times a client needs those special photos of his plants, buildings, fields, real estates or even a general panoramic view of a specific place, for their annual reports, brochures, advertising and many other projects. Usually these are "last-minute" assignments that need to be done asap but with high quality.

By working with reliable helicopter operators, who own different types of equipment for different and/or specific needs, managing those assignments is a matter of having the minimum weather conditions to fly and the optimum weather conditions to shoot.

Planning ahead and before take-off
For several reasons, it's very important to carefully plan the aerial shoot: one, you won't want to pay for extra and non-productive flight time; second, objectivity and definition shortens the way to the target area and third, the better the planning, the better the final results I will deliver. This is part of my shooting flight plan!

Up and down
When planning for the aerial shoot, it is important to know what kind of pictures the client needs, i.e., if a more vertical image or more sloped one, or even both. By shooting on different flight levels and distances, it is possible to get unusual angles and contrasts and deliver you the best you expect.

From dawn to dusk
What kind of style will the client need? More contrasty, more moody, or the straight and traditional aerial picture? By knowing this, different hours of the day, produce different results in the final imagery. I'll let you look at some samples first during the briefing and then we decide for the right time to take-off, be it at daw or dusk.

Even when there is a need to shoot for different days but you need at least some pictures to start working... well, I'm able to start editing as soon as I stop shooting and start uploading some of the images to the server, even from remote locations, if this is the case. Your project doesn't need to be placed on standby until I return from the assignment.

Safety first, for the sake of your project
Sometimes weather isn't our best friend when shooting aerials, but if you need that stormy look on the pictures and if we are able to fly within the safety limits, we'll take-off to produce those photos. An important point is that we are unable to control the weather and up there, safety comes first, for the sake of your project.

If all the above makes sense and goes with your wedding photography needs, you may call me on (+351) 910 512 949 or ask for a budget estimate online here.

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Some samples of the produced work can also be seen Imagebank.
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