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“Your wedding / shaadi happens only once!”

Absolute Professional high quality wedding / shaadi photojournalistic photography services

If you are looking for an outstanding wedding / Shaadi photographer with a photojournalistic style, then you have come to the right place. I specialize in photojournalistic / documentary styled wedding / Shaadi photography. Your wedding happens only once so you have to rely on a photographer who can get the job done as you dreamed for.

As a professional photojournalist, working for some of the most important international media, my work flows naturally so that you will not have to be worried and hassled with traditional photography poses, if you don't want them.  

Photojournalistic wedding and engagement photography is becoming more and more requested by brides and grooms, mainly because of its dynamic, reactive, styled and more natural coverage of these special days. It's more fun for everyone and the final results are much more appreciated, as the photos picture, naturally, all those special moments of your wedding day. Unlike traditional and editorial wedding photography style, the photojournalistic approach needs a special sensitivity from the photographer, a different way of seeing and making the photos, from the general to the details view. It's like being a special guest documenting, professionally, every part of the wedding day. That's what I do while you enjoy your unique wedding day!

Documenting in photos as your "special guest"
Your wedding day is not intended to be a photo shoot like if you were a model posing for a magazine. Your wedding day is the time for you to enjoy and get the most without being worried, pressured and hassled with pictures and poses. Who was there? What were people doing while I was dressing? How did the groom / bride enjoyed the moments before being actually get married? How did the guests had fun? The answer to these questions can usually be seen only in documentary style photos.

What about the photos being like if you were seeing an hollywood or bollywood wedding reportage? Documenting all the greatest moments of your wedding, naturally and stylishly, is what I do in photojournalistic wedding reportage.

Culture, ethnicity or faith are not a problem. I have a great knowledge of several religious ceremonies - from Hindu to Christian, every important moment will be documented. There is an advantage of having a photojournalist documenting your wedding because I'm used to work with different cultures, faiths and ethnicities on my daily work, with full respect.

From dressing to cake cutting, dancing and so on
Whenever I'm documenting a wedding, one of things I do is to enjoy each and every moment, and have as much fun as if it was my own wedding or my best friend's wedding day. From dressing to cake cutting, religious ceremonies, dancing and party, every detail, every moment might result in a great image that must be captured candidly or in some case more formally.

Editing as if it was for a top magazine
One of the things couples usually say when they see the presentation of the final editing is "These seem like high end magazine add photos!". In fact, I put a lot of work on the editing process so that you can see your wedding photos as if they are those in the specialized magazines made with models. This is why usually you'll only be able to see the photos a day or two after it took place. The final results should make you say "WOW!! Is this me?!"

Planning and meeting
One of the important things I do is to meet one or more times with the couple. It's important that we know each other, that we build some kind of rapport and set all the final details for the day. It's like making friends and trust on them to be there and witness for you what you would like to see in your wedding photos.

It also doesn't matter where your wedding will take place. If you like my style, my wedding photography, I'll be pleased to pack and travel wherever your dream wedding will take place! It happens very often.

It's your wedding day, it just happens once, but you don't need to get all your savings to pay the photographer! Pricing depends mostly on some key aspects that we discuss ahead of the contract and a few months before the day. The more details, more special needs, more will cost you but some times it's worth the money and you'll be very happy with the photos I will deliver. I work with wedding photojournalistic packages that are standard for the majority of the weddings and I have special services like pre-wedding photo shoots, studio photo shoots, studio portable lighting, special productions, assistants, makeup artists, hair stylists and more. You just need to know how and what you will need. Probably it's already in a package and the price will, for sure, go with your budget.


If all the above makes sense and goes with your wedding photography needs, you may call me on (+351) 910 512 949 or ask for a budget estimate online here.

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