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Corporate photography

Companies and corporate clients need to communicate with their customers, business partners and media. Professional imagery at their disposal, to be used in print and online, is a key for success in the current business practices and quality is one of the most important...

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Portrait photography

"On time, on location, on budget" - Professional high quality portraits photography services. Business people usually don't have that much time to go to the studio for a couple of high quality portraits for their image libraries. On the other hand, they expect high quality imagery, that reflects their corporate brand...


Weddings / Shaadi photography

If you are looking for an outstanding wedding photographer with a photojournalistic style, then you have come to the right place. I specialize in photojournalistic styled wedding photography. Your wedding happens only once so you have to rely on a photographer who can get the job done as you dreamed for.


Packshots & Product

"Your products with a "WOW" factor, sell more!" - Professional high quality pack shots and commercial product photography services. Part of the success in selling a product has to do with the way it is displayed to the final customer. It's more than a simple well done picture...

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Editorial photography

From lifestyle photography, business, finance, travel, political, arts, entertainment, feature and many other editorial topics that require quality professional imagery to go along with text. Editing and filing from location to meet deadlines is one of the many...


Food photography

"Aromas, flavours and textures that kick the senses" - Professional high quality food photography services. When a Chef puts all his efforts, knowledge and creativity to deliver the finest and heavenly delicious dishes to the client, when he selects the finest and most exquisite ingredients to...

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Aerial photography

"The sky is the limit" - Professional high quality aerial photography services. So many times a client needs those special photos of his plants, buildings, fields, real estates or even a general panoramic view of a specific place, for their annual reports, brochures, advertising and many other projects...

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Commercial photography

In studio or on location, commercial photography services allow customers to contract professional photo services to get the perfect images for their corporate needs...

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Reportage and News

Working in harsh conditions and scenarios, with the ability to edit and file from location to newsdesks, meeting publication deadlines. Documenting action and emotions from inside the story, anywere, anytime, any place...

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