The mario proenca photography website has been deeply renewed, to include the latest server and framework software available and lots of new features and some previous ones improved.

The website includes now Facebook integration and is now working on PHP 5.3 and Joomla 2.5. This update was critical and at the end, enabled to implement some great new functionalities as well as speed up the site loading time and enhance user experience.

In summary, here are just some of the most important implemented and or improved areas of the website.

The Imagebank was redesigned and includes now:

  • the "Darkroom" view option, allowing to navigate in the Imagebank on darker environment;
  • the "Lihghtbox" or favourites includes two views - Detail and List.
  • the  mario proenca photography unique Simple Picture Licensing System® integration, allows the easy photo licensing  online on all areas of the Imagabank.
  • an exclusive Keyword Finder Center (KFC)!
  • two distinct Search areas beyond the KFC system and all them including Hindi (Devanagari) script search. 
  • and more...

The completely renewed licensing (shopping) area Simple Picture Licensing System®  and licensing options, including fine art printing among all other license types.

Registration and Login area are now secured and the contacts area as well as most of the forms have been redesigned, displaying now a cool and user friendly design making use of jQuery.

The News section is now integrated in the content and a new Blogs area is live.

Also live is the integration of my Facebook page where you can share. like or comment on the selected areas, photos or articles.

The new Client Testimonials allows now to clients to post/send me their testimonial online.

The home page looks quite the same as the latest update but, it now integrates new content below the main entry slideshow.

There are more new features, more things to enjoy, more photos to license and more photography services available. Try it for yourself and if you feel so, send me your comments and/or suggestions.

Thank you!

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