"My pursuit of quality allows me to enjoy the pride and accomplishment of working for high demanding customers. What drives me? Do what people ask, do it sooner than they expect, do it better than they expect - exceed expectations while enjoying the process and create value." Mário Proença

Mario Proenca lives in Lisbon, Portugal. He also lived in Boston - USA and studied on both countries. Later he worked as an aircraft engineer at the Portuguese national airlines, in Lisbon and in Azores islands. Passion for visual arts, especially for photojournalism and a deep interest in human condition were the main motivations when a decision to change his life and career was made and become a fulll time professional photographer after teaching himself photography throughout the time.

As a professional photographer, he worked on a freelance basis, and contracts, for several national, international magazines and corporate clients, including, but not limited to, Bloomberg News L.P., TIME Magazine, the National Geographic magazine, The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe - The Big Picture, Ritz Carlton Magazine, Portuguese Presidency, GEO France, La Tribune (FR), Sunday Express, TNT Business Express, Imbibe magazine, Health Edge magazine, VII MENN, RPA Law Office, TV Guia, Sony BMG, MoshiMoshi, PLUS Publishing US, VideoPlus US and Poland, MdM, Grazia Neri, EastNewsRussia, EastNewsPoland, PAW, Success From Home magazine, Choosing Success magazine, L'Espresso, Elsevier Magazine, Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Edmonton Journal, The Sydney Morning Herald, O Globo, Jerusalem Post, Business, Houston Chronicle, Borsen Dablad, and a few other editorial assignments, with reportage's and corporate productions in Portugal, United States of America, France, Spain, Italy and several African countries.

Feeling the need to boost his freelance career as a photojournalist, he started to work, a few years ago, with the US based agency WorldPictureNews (WpN) - N.Y - USA, who has been representing and distributing his work worldwide till Aug 2008. In June 2008 he joined the Portuguese agency 4SEE photographers till December 2010. Besides freelance assignments, he is also contributing with a body of work of stock imagery to the UK based ALAMY agency. His work is now mainly focused on documentary photography or reportage and important news coverage for several international agencies and clients worldwide. On July 2008, Mario Proenca was invited to join the prestigious US based worldwide wire agency ZUMA Press with whom he will be working for the next 5 years as a contract photographer. In September 2008 Bloomberg News contracts Mario Proenca as a contract photographer and stringer photojournalist, in Portugal, for the years to come. In 2010, Mario Proenca became NYSE Euronext Lisbon official photographer, and in 2011 photographer for Massey Ferguson in Portugal and Spain.

In 2008, Mario Proenca was awarded an Honorable Mention in the News category at the biggest Photojournalism contest in Portugal - VISÃO|BES 2008, which had as members of the international jury panel, Jean-François Leroy (Visa Pour L'Image Festival Director), Yuri Kozyrev (Noor agency photographer), Philip Blenkinsop (Noor agency photographer), Noel Quidu (Gamma photographer) and Susan Smith (National Geographic Magazine).

Spoken languages - English, Portuguese, Spanish, Hindi, French.

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