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“Photos that drive your readers into the story”

Professional high quality editorial photography services that Create Value!

Editors around the world look for pictures that will tell much beyond what the readers' eyes can see. This is what drives editorial photography - picture stories and let them raise questions in reader's minds. Impact photography that connects a reader with a story is what I produce.

My long experience in working with the most important worldwide media companies, publishing in TIME magazine, The New York Times, Success magazines and many others are just a few reasons for you to consider an assignment. Here a few aspects that drive my work:

In depth story coverage
Some stories come up as news, others require getting into the story to document it in detail. I've been working with the most important worldwide media companies that usually rely on my work for these assignments when they feel I'm the photographer to go.

Just as it happens
News just happens! It isn't planned and the readiness to go out and cover it is one of my abilities. I may say that 24/7/365 are my working days. A phone call and I'm on the way.

Full standard IPTC compliance
The five W's - who, what, where, when and why and all the other elements that in our days are embedded in digital photos, are filled according with international industry standards, enabling the editor to fully understand the picture and correctly caption it in the layout.

Certified photojournalist
Accredited by Portuguese authorities as a press member, with an official Press ID card, I'm able to cover what it is needed to be covered.

Working environment
From regular press conferences coverage, financial, economy and business issues, wildfires, demonstrations and other important events, I'm comfortable with any working conditions as some are required to get those unique photos to effectively portray the story.


If all the above makes sense and goes with your wedding photography needs, you may call me on (+351) 910 512 949 or ask for a budget estimate online here.

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Some samples of the produced work can also be seen Imagebank.
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