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“On time, on location, on budget”

Professional high quality portraits photography services that Create Value!

Business people usually don't have that much time to go to the studio for a couple of high quality portraits for their image libraries. On the other hand, they expect high quality imagery, that reflects their corporate brand and position. They need to reflect their corporate style and at the same time differentiate from their competitor's photos.

My work takes all the above into account and more. Clients know that when they call me for a new shoot, I'll guide my work with some important principles in mind:

Quality and creativity together makes the difference
While an orchestra or a band may need a more stylized photo concept, a law firm or a business company my need a more conservative one. With this in mind and working with communication departments, I use creativity to deliver high quality different images.

Time is money and you save it
Taking the lights to your office, preparing the on-location studio and start shooting is just what is needed for a quick start. Your time is money and being aware of that, by shooting on location, I only take that small amount of time to produce the portraits with the quality you expect.

The right people on the right place or maybe not
Usually a lawyer likes to be photographed in the office while a band or musician likes a more creative environment for their portraiture. Don't worry! Even if you would like to get your lawyers pictured in an open field, your CEO on the production area of your plant or your musician on the beach... count on me and my team for that!

Style, style, style... in color or black and white
Portraits need to reflect the very best of the company or corporate style. Sometimes color suits better, sometimes black and white is the choice. Aware of that, I deliver both options to you so that you may decide which ones to use where and when on your projects.

Shaking hands with a smile makes it easier
Empathy, trust, politeness and respect are some of the important aspects on a corporate shooting session. Be it the CEO, the Lawyer, the Conductor, the renown cello player, the plant manager or worker, all need to have the right attention and care during the photo shoot... you expect quality and uniqueness and I work with that in mind.


If all the above makes sense and goes with your wedding photography needs, you may call me on (+351) 910 512 949 or ask for a budget estimate online here.

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Some samples of the produced work can also be seen Imagebank.
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